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LEAD - Learn Execute and Develop

Project description:
It’s a portal to share your knowledge, learn from blogs, wikis, post your questions in query board, learn new things under video training, Execute and develop these, helping gaining knowledge.
Lead mainly consists of:

Query Board is a platform, to post your doubts & questions so that users with knowledge over that category can help and potentially get you help soon. The queries posted will be open to all for a response. Users with knowledge over that category will respond to it.


Wiki welcomes all to share articles on knowledge gathered on Technology, Testing, Management, Domain or Learning gathered over the course of study. If you have discovered / learnt something on a technology / process share it through a wiki. Wikis are self-written articles related to knowledge.


The LEAD Blog is a space to share your personal ideas and thoughts on aspects like Management, Leadership, Communication, Training, Technology etc. Blogs is your platform to express communicate and share your thoughts with all the users from recipe to holidays experience to philosophy of life you can share all that. It has all d other regular features like blog leader board, recent blogs, most popular blogs.
This section hosts various video based training programs. These training are on different category such as technology, communication.

Why user want to use my site:

By using LEAD, one can share their knowledge, helps others to gain knowledge. Query board will help users to solve their doubts related to technologies and hence gaining the knowledge.
This will allow other users to answer the queries and one can find the better way of achieving the solution for the query specified by different users.
By using wiki one can share their technology knowledge and their discoveries. So one will be aware of the current technologies and affairs.
Blogs will help users to share their ideas and thoughts. Video Trainings are very helpful in learning new technologies, users can upload new videos and tutorials.
LEAD as a knowledge repository helps a lot. Keep contributing, Let’s keep sharing.. Towards Knowledge !

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